Senior Scientist / Scientist, Biochemistry Assay Development

Odyssey Therapeutics

Odyssey Therapeutics

Boston, MA, USA
Posted on Saturday, April 8, 2023

About Us

Odyssey Therapeutics is propelling drug development beyond what is now possible to deliver medicines that address critical needs of patients with inflammatory diseases and cancer. We achieve unprecedented speed and efficiency by bringing together a target-centric approach, a toolbox of cutting-edge technologies, and a team of accomplished, world-class drug hunters. By reimagining the drug development process, we are creating a deep and broad drug pipeline that holds the potential to transform human health.

Position Details

Job Title: Senior Scientist / Scientist, Biochemistry Assay Development
Location: Boston
Employment Type: Full-Time, Lab
Department: Innovative assays

The Opportunity

We are seeking a highly motivated biochemist to join the Odyssey team at our laboratories in Boston, MA. You will work as a member of an integrated team to develop novel biochemical readouts to enable hit finding and validation of challenging drug targets and implement quantitative analyses and characterization to improve and increase screening capacity. You will have a strong background in biochemistry, purified and cell-based assay development, and small molecule compound screening.

You will work in a highly cross-disciplinary, fast-moving, and fluid environment, and will be drawing upon extensive experience driving drug discovery projects forward. You will possess strong interpersonal and leadership skills, be a world-class thought partner, and have a proven record of developing science.

As a critical member of the Odyssey team, you will be a key voice in the evolution of Odyssey’s science and platforms, offering opportunity for growth and impact. Odyssey prides itself as an organization with an exceptionally talented team with a broad range of skills. Together with your colleagues, you will help shape the Odyssey culture, strategic direction, and outcomes.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design, validate, and execute biochemical characterization for small molecule compounds, mechanistic tools, and novel screening hits
  • Develop innovative assays and methods to facilitate hit-finding strategies for small molecule projects
  • Produce and source assay regents such as purified proteins and fluorescently-labeled probes
  • Evaluate and spearhead new methods and biochemical assay systems and workflows to capture novel biology, improve assay quality, and/or increase workflow efficiency
  • Work independently to effectively plan and organize studies/activities and prioritize task completion
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues in natural products, proteomics, target biology, data science, structural biology, and medicinal chemistry to ensure timely generation and dissemination of critical program data to enable decision making
  • Maintain excellent communication with both internal and external colleagues
  • Manage external FTEs and troubleshoot methods at CROs as needed

About You

  • Doctorate in biochemistry, enzymology, or related discipline with one to five years’ post graduate experience, master’s degree with an eight years’ post graduate experience in biochemistry, or bachelor’s degree in biochemistry or a related discipline with eight to ten years’ relevant industry experience
  • Deep understanding of enzyme kinetics and binding assays
  • Experience in a wide array of biochemical assays, both enzymatic and binding, utilizing a variety of readouts such as FI, FP, TR-FRET, AlphaScreen, ADPGlo, or mobility shift assays
  • Experience in assays to quantify protein-protein interaction in cells, such as immunoprecipitation and/or BRET-based methods
  • Understanding of curve fitting software, such as GraphPad Prism
  • Experience purifying challenging proteins from multiple expression systems
  • Experience studying covalent compounds, protein-DNA or RNA, and protein-protein interactions preferred
  • Ability to lead in a hands-on, lab-based manner
  • Attention to detail, good troubleshooting, and problem-solving skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills, excellent interpersonal skills, with demonstrated ability to work collaboratively on multidisciplinary teams